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Why Every Estimator Needs To Use Managed Pricing Services

Trimble MEP | Why Every Estimator Needs to Make Use of Managed Pricing Services - “You’ll be wondering why you haven’t“

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As an Estimator, we already have enough to remember when accurately pricing a bid. It’s important that our software is providing the most cutting-edge features to keep us above the competition.

Discover in this eBook, why managed pricing services are so crucial to today's estimating landscape and how you and your company can overcome pricing challenges today and in future.

About the Author

Shaun Gambardella is a Product Manager for Trimble MEP. Prior to joining Trimble, Shaun worked in the electrical industry for 10 years, with 8 of the 10 in estimating and project management roles. With his decade of experience utilizing Pricing, Estimating, and Project Management software, Shaun brings real world experience and insight from the contractor side of the electrical industry into everything he does.