Computerized Electrical Estimating Level 100

The Computerized Electrical Estimating Level 100 course is an introductory course in computerized estimating that provides participants with an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to competently estimate costs to construct electrical projects using Trimble Accubid estimating and graphical takeoff solutions.

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Class Setting


Course Prerequisites

Proficiency with working in a Windows environment

Who Should Attend

Junior Estimators, Chief Estimators, Senior Estimators, Journeymen, Operational Management, Project Managers

Course overview

Participants will learn to apply proven principles and methodologies of electrical estimating in an instructor-led, hands-on approach. The topics covered focus on key tasks of proven estimating method such as; creating and applying estimate breakdowns, takeoffs of common systems and items, such as fixtures, distribution, feeder and branch wiring and devices. Participants will use Trimble Accubid Estimating and LiveCount software tools to accomplish course learning objectives.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to submit a bid along with their peers. A student’s performance will be assessed primarily through the bid they submit along with other submitted assignments.

The course is delivered over 4 consecutive days as well as a web-based introduction at course commencement. This blended method of combining face-to-face instruction with internet-based instruction promises a greater learning experience with higher retention.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the tasks that comprise the estimating process.
  • Accurately describe and review bid documents (i.e. drawings, specifications, bid form and addenda)
  • Demonstrate procedures to setting up an estimate.
  • Describe the importance of breaking down an estimate into logical and functional breakdowns.
  • Correctly perform takeoff of materials in common systems using a systematic approach that emphasizes attention to accuracy and detail.
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly modify takeoff quantities and items.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the process of extending material pricing and labor unit values to an accumulated bill of materials.
  • Accurately account for costs of all applicable labor (direct, indirect and incidental), general expenses, subcontractors and quoted material items.
  • Demonstrate the ability to submit a final bid which accurately accounts for all costs, overhead and profit.
  • Demonstrate a basic proficiency in the use of Trimble Accubid estimating and Trimble Accubid LiveCount software.

Training Modules

Module 1 - The role of the estimator
  • Importance of estimating in contracting business
  • Principle activities of an estimator
Module 2 - The estimating process
  • Estimating defined
  • Estimator’s responsibility
  • The estimating process
  • Estimate setup
  • Takeoff
  • Material and labor extension
  • Closing the estimate
  • Final pricing
Module 3 - Initiating projects
  • Assessing risks in bidding
  • Reviewing all documents
Module 4 - Reviewing bid documents
  • Drawing review
  • Surety bonding in the construction industry
  • Contract terms and conditions
Module 5 - Project specifications
  • Specification review
  • Specifications format
  • Components of specification format
  • Request for information process
  • The addenda process
Module 6 - Preparing to estimate
  • Defining estimate breakdowns
  • Addressing bid requirements
Module 7 - Fixture takeoff
  • Defining the takeoff process
  • Validating takeoff
  • Takeoff sequence
  • Time management during takeoff
  • Lighting fixtures and accessories takeoff
Module 8 - Device takeoff
  • Devices defined
  • Steps to device takeoff
  • Device takeoff using assemblies
Module 9 - Distribution takeoff

Steps to distribution takeoff

Module 10 - Ducts and trays takeoff
  • Ducts and trays defined
  • Cable tray takeoff
  • Bus duct takeoff
Module 11 - Feeder takeoff
  • Feeder takeoff defined
  • Steps to feeder takeoff
Module 12 - Systems and power branch takeoff
  • Branch wiring defined
  • Branch wiring takeoff process
Module 13 - Mechanical equipment takeoff
  • Mechanical equipment defined
  • Mechanical equipment takeoff process

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