Trimble MEP Robotic Total Station Layout Training – Regional

This training course affords participants an opportunity to acquire the skills and experience to effectively operate a Trimble Robotic Total Station configured for use in the mechanical, electrical and piping (MEP) disciplines of the construction industry.

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Class Setting


Course Prerequisites


Who Should Attend

Journeymen, Operational Management, Construction Managers, Project Managers

Course overview

The layout training takes place in an instructor-led classroom with an approach that effectively combines demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises to reinforce learning. The instruction is delivered over 2 consecutive days. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to effectively operate a current model of Trimble MEP Robotic Total Station in their workplaces.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively layout points using the system hardware, software, and accessories
  • Demonstrate basic competency with tablet controller and software (Trimble Field Link)
  • Describe the importance of site control
  • Describe best practices of system maintenance and storage
  • Effectively troubleshoot system software and hardware

Training Modules

Module 1 - Total Robotic Station system overview
  • Distance/Angle Measurement
  • Shooting in Control Points (Good and Bad Examples)
  • Direct Reflex
  • RTS Specifications
  • Track Light/Trimble Vision
  • Active/Passive Tracking
  • Battery Life and Conditioning
Module 2 - Parts, pieces and setup
  • Tri-Pod – Setup, Safety and Security
  • Tribrach: Leveling Screws, Optical Plummet, Leveling Bubble,
  • Robot Head: Optics and EDM, Track light or Camera, Buttons and Knobs, Firmware.
  • Prism Pole: Pieces, configurations and Calibration
  • MT1000 or 360 Prism w/ target ID
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Column Clamp (if applicable)Carrying cases and bags
Module 3 - The Trimble tablet environment
  • Windows 7 User Interface: LED lights, Function buttons, Virtual Keyboard,Wi-Fi, Power Button
  • Joystick
  • USB plugs
  • Power Plug
  • Headphones Jack
  • Integrated Radio
  • Integrated Camera and Flash
  • Gorilla Glass and Screen Protector
  • Windows Mobility Center; display brightness, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Storing projects in file folders
  • Transferring files between field and office: USB drive, FTO transfer site, email attachments
  • Introduction to Building Construction Installation Manager (BCIM)
Module 4 - Trimble Field Link for MEP
  • Main Menu Button: Home Base
  • Information Button: Current Version, Tablet Serial Number, Software Maintenance Expiration
  • Minimize Button
  • Home/Close Button
Module 5 - Trimble Field Link - jobs menu

Jobs Ribbon: Manage, Import (CAD, Points) ,Export (CAD, Points)

Module 6 - Trimble Field Link - creative data menu

Create Data Ribbon: Create from Model, Offset Points, Point Manager, Layer Manager

Module 7 - Trimble Field Link - layout menu

Layout Ribbon: Setup Instrument, Points, Linework, Arcs, Wall Penetrations

Module 8 - Laying out points
  • Map View vs. Hockey puck and Bulls eye
  • Green tolerance arrows
  • Point Dialog box pop-ups
  • Visual Layout
Module 9 - The collect data menu

Collect Data Ribbon: Setup Instrument, Points, Linework, Floor Plan

Module 10 - Collecting data
  • Creating a New Job
  • Operate Robotic Total Station using hardware servo knobs and software options.
  • Adding field data to an existing job
Module 11 - The model viewer ribbon

Model Viewer Ribbon: Pan, Orbit, Wireframe,Rendered, Map Options Button

Module 12 - The tools ribbon

Tools Ribbon: Compute, Unit Conversion

Module 13 - The reports ribbon

Reports Ribbon: Daily Layout Summary, Layout Deviations, Field Reports

Module 14 - The settings ribbon

Settings Ribbon: Units & Format, Setup & Layout, Contact

Module 15 - The instrument control panel

Instrument Control Panel Button: Connection, Level & Temperature, Target, Reference Elevation, Measure, Calibration, Target Mode, Track Light (RTS 555, 655), EDM Mode, Joystick, Search

Module 16 - Map options button

Map Options Button: Display Tab ( point Info, background coloring), Layers Tabs (layer viewing options)