Trimble Accubid Classic Product Database Management Virtual Training Lab

The Trimble® Accubid Classic Product Database Management training was designed to equip database custodians with the skills and knowledge to competently manage their company databases efficiently and effectively.

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Class Setting


Course Prerequisites

Trimble Accubid Classic Estimating software experience

Who Should Attend

Junior Estimators, Chief Estimators, Senior Estimators, Operational Management

Course overview

The course features 3 modules of learning with learning objectives that focus on acquiring the basic skills of managing an Accubid Classic database.

The mode of instruction features an instructor-led virtual learning experience that effectively combines demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises to reinforce learning.

Learning Objectives - Database Management Fundamentals (Modules 1 - 3)

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure of the item database, common assembly database, designation, and specialized takeoff libraries.
  • Effectively create and modify items, common assemblies, and takeoff libraries.
  • Competently create, save, and run database queries.
  • Create, save, and apply screen styles.
  • Effectively create, save, modify, and assign sort codes to items.
  • Describe and demonstrate methods for updating material pricing in databases.

Training Modules

Session 1
Module 1 – Database Management Principles
  • Database Manager
  • Copying a database
  • Item database structure
  • Item database fields
  • Item database modifications
  • Common assembly structure
  • Common assembly modifications
  • Managing database directories
  • Protecting databases through backups


Module 2 – Advanced Database Management
  • Modifying designation and specialized takeoff libraries
  • Quick update
  • Multiple adjustment columns
  • Database utilities
  • Screen styles
  • Database queries
  • Sort codes


Module 3 – Managing Database Pricing
  • Price update
  • Price updating methods
  • Updating prices using CSV files

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