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How do I perform backups in Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal?

There are a number of methods available to backup the AutoBid SheetMetal database. 

AutoBid SheetMetal DataServer

Tip -  Proper security rights are required to perform backups in the DataServer.

  1. Open the AutoBid SheetMetal Data Server.
  2. Go to Backup / Full Backup
  3. Enter your Login name and Password. Click OK.
  4. Verify and, if necessary, modify the parameters for your backups.
  • Enter the Location where you want to save your backup. 
  • Backup Type
    You have the option of overwriting the previous backup file (Single Archive) or creating new files each time a backup is created (Multiple Archive). Choose the appropriate option button.
  1. Select or clear the Check Database Integrity before the backup checkbox. Selecting this checkbox checks for database errors, such as broken links, and automatically corrects these. Note: This function does not correct errors within your estimates.
  2. Choose OK when you have completed setting these options. The backup file is created in the location you specified in the Location field

Tip - Additional backup features are available within the AutoBid SheetMetal DataServer. For example, you can set up automatic daily backups. Refer to the AutoBid SheetMetal DataServer online help system for detailed instructions.

On-Demand Backup from Global Data Administrator

  1. In the main Global Data Administrator window, go to File / Backup Database.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.
  3. Review the message in the informational dialog and click OK.
  4. When the backup is complete, another informational dialog displays. Click OK.

The backup file is created in the default backup location. Note: You can change these settings in the AutoBid SheetMetal DataServer under Backup / Client Backup Options. Refer to the AutoBid SheetMetal DataServer online help system for detailed instructions.