4 Great Apps, 1 Bundle

Power up your MEP designs with Productivity Tools, Openings for MEP, Export and Import Excel, and MEPcontent Browser from MEPcontent. Get started today by clicking "Try Now" to download the Revit Tools App Bundle and start your free trial.

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Why Bundles?

  • More Value

    Bundles offer more value to MEP engineers and contractors compared to a single App.

  • 4 Apps - Better Cooperation

    Combining all our four flagship Apps into one bundle, the Revit Tools bundle for Revit gives you the opportunity to work together with a structural engineer, export data from Revit and share it with those who do not have Revit, work faster, and to add BIM files to your Revit model.

  • Save Money

    Bundles are cheaper than buying these apps separately so from that perspective too, it is a deal you can’t refuse.

Revit Tools App Bundle

Trimble and MEPcontent are coming together to help you easily design Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems in Revit

Discover the benefits of MEPcontent's Revit Tools App Bundle designed for MEP Engineers and Contractors

Productivity Tools

Designed in a user-friendly manner, the Productivity Tools App provides productivity support for managing MEP systems at high speed, such as ventilation, sprinkler, cable ducts, heating and cooling, and sanitary systems.

Openings for MEP

Take control over your MEP openings in Revit thanks to the Openings for MEP App, which facilitates an optimal cooperation with structural engineers so that you can detect and prevent clashes in BIM projects at an early stage.

Export and Import Excel

Export Revit data to Excel, edit the elements by changing parameter values, adjust your Revit Schedules, Plans, Sheets and Views, and import them back into Revit, without any hassle.

MEPcontent Browser

Browse within the largest BIM library and enrich your project with manufacturer-specific and generic BIM content!