When GA Smart Building began the work on the Batiment H Office building in Toulouse, France, the company decided to deploy its FullBIM process with Trimble Connect mixed-reality technology to ensure high-quality results and early project delivery.


To make the most out of their home-grown FullBIM program, the GA team was looking for technology that would support effective on-site usage and eliminate the need for subjective error-prone interpretation.
Work with Gehry Technology (a Trimble company specialized in AEC-related services) to develop mixed-reality based workflows focused on on-site quality control and remote collaboration to achieve early building commissioning.
Trimble® Connect—a project collaboration platform—with its mixed-reality module for Microsoft HoloLens provided the required functionality. Teaming with Trimble, GA became the first construction company in France to deploy the solution.

“Using Trimble Connect mixed reality for near real-time quality control, the on-site team identified and resolved potential issues avoiding significant schedule delays and cost overruns.”
- Rémi Visiere, Head of Research, Development & Innovation, GA Smart Building


BIM models superimposed on the physical environment enabled quick identification of design-to-build discrepancies, correct positioning of equipment and near real-time quality control. The GA team also reported that mixed reality enabled an accelerated in-context decision-making process and improved communication between stakeholders.