For Ken Neyer Plumbing, one of Ohio’s top specialty contractors, designing, fabricating and installing the necessary plumbing systems for the Liberty Center’s mega primary structures was a complex challenge that required speed, accuracy and an unexpected technology shift.


Sleeves and hangers couldn’t be laid out using conventional methods due to challenging wall angles and hiring a surveyor or civil engineer didn’t coincide with their aggressive pour schedule.
An in-house software solution that enabled the 3D model with hanger points to be viewed in the field with a tablet controller for easy field location and staking.
Trimble® Field Link layout solution, which includes Trimble Field Link software with a rugged Trimble Field Tablet connected to a Trimble Robotic Total Station.

“The Trimble Robotic Total Station is now an integral part of our field layout workflow on this job and all others down the road.”
- Jim Mercer, Commercial Project Manager, Ken Neyer Plumbing


With Trimble Field Link, Ken Nyer Plumbing was able to lay out sleeves and hangers in-house while keeping to the concrete pour schedule. They gained efficiencies and found that Trimble’s MEP layout solution provided more options, flexibility and long-term applications.

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