SB Mechanical (Smith-Boughan, Inc.), one of Ohio’s premier mechanical, plumbing and HVAC contractors, was hired to work on a major expansion project with Mercer County Community Hospital. Previous to this project, the company used AutoCAD MEP and Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® to design systems and to create spool drawings.


AutoCAD does not include the manufacturer data in designs, leaving them open to interpretation and creating questions in the field that could slow down the process.
Find software solutions to help SB Mechanical speed up their BIM modeling process, prefabrication workflow coordination, and HVAC and plumbing systems installations.
Trimble® SysQue® as complementary software to AutoDesk Revit to develop models with more detail and coordinate with others on the job, while allowing users to expand the model constructability by adding numerous specifications.

“I can’t speak enough about how much time creating the duct lists in SysQue saved us. It’s going to make us more competitive."
- Zach D. Smithey, Estimator & BIM Specialist, SB Mechanical


Created fabrication-ready drawings with real-world manufacturing and installation. Eliminated need for in-field design interpretation. 50% faster takeoffs compared to traditional methods.10% cost savings for ductwork with increased field labor efficiency and less waste. Improved modeling speed and greater accuracy.

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Learn how Trimble SysQue improves the accuracy and consistency of your models.