Leach & Russell Mechanical is a leading mechanical contractor based in Indiana. They are one of six mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors working on the Community Hospital East project, which is under construction and scheduled to be complete in 2019.


Improve company BIM workflow, strengthen collaboration with trades, and find ways prefabricate more materials in a controlled environment before sending it out to the field for assembly and installation.
Find a way to centralize 3D models to improve collaboration, add manufacturing-specific data to drive prefabrication, and provide layout solutions to speed precise installation.
Trimble® SysQue®, Trimble® RTS873 and Trimble® Field Link software to improve how the company designs and fabricates mechanical systems. Each subcontractor can work from the same 3D model and better link design concepts.

“After this project, I’m a complete believer in SysQue and having subcontractors use the same model.”
- Jason Kemp, CAD Designer and BIM Coordinator, Leach & Russell Mechanical


Greater collaboration with other trades made it easy to identify and work through clashes for faster installation.Precise designs made it easier to create project plans in line with MEP contractors’ requirements. The control points were 100 percent validated to ensure layout accuracy.