MTech, a top Colorado-based mechanical contractor, used Trimble technologies to create more streamlined, coordinated and precise connections for Trimble’s Westminster Headquarters project. MTech modeled all mechanical systems from air handling equipment to ductwork, including flanges and insulation and every required damper.


The innovative contractor, already a leader in BIM, wanted to push the technology envelope and use the project as a test bed to implement more innovative tools and efficient processes.
Leverage BIM and other advanced tools and techniques to facilitate design coordination, conflict checking, constructability reviews, and field layout.
Upgrade MTech from Trimble MEP (Trimble 's first generation MEP layout solution) to Trimble® Field Link. MTech also used Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® to develop piping concepts.

“This project has given us the rare opportunity to have all coordination finished before construction starts.”
- Brandon Miller, CAD Coordinator, MTech


A cloud-based project collaboration coordination exercise helped the team flag and fix items in preparation for issuance of the final design package. MTech experienced improved accuracy, faster production and a more comprehensive deliverable. There were no as-built changes yet.

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