For over a hundred years, Continental Electrical Construction Company has powered the city of Chicago. Continental has relied on Trimble Accubid Classic Estimating Pro for the past ten years but wanted advanced estimating solutions to maintain their excellence in the years ahead.


With traditional takeoff methods, items were identified, counted and transcribed to the estimating solution manually, requiring information to be handled twice. Eliminating manual redundancy could save time and reduce errors.
Provide a solution that streamlines the preconstruction planning and estimating processes from bid review though construction to handover, while improving communication and collaboration between the centralized estimating team and project managers.
Transition to Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise to centralize estimating practices, assemblies and cost data across teams, and use Trimble® LiveCount™, a companion digital takeoff software, to drive additional efficiencies in estimating and preconstruction processes.

“The decision to move to Accubid Enterprise was the correct one. Our confidence in our estimates is greater than it’s ever been, and our team is more productive, allowing us to bid more work.”
- Eric Kastengren, Estimating Team Leader for Power Divisions, Continental Electrical Construction Company


Streamlined processes and improved communication and collaboration between Continental’s centralized estimating team and the project managers, saving time and reducing errors. Updates to takeoffs are viewed in real time, allowing the estimating team to quantify takeoffs and immediately see the results.

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