In business for 50 years on the west coast, COSCO Fire Protection focuses on fire suppression, alarm and detection systems for commercial and industrial clients. They were hired to install customized life safety and fire protection systems for a global theme park expansion project.

How it happened

Ensure the complex designs for 3,700 sprinklers and 11 alarm systems accurately fit in the field throughout 215,000 square feet of high peaks, twists, turn and seemingly disconnected lines.
Our Approach
Replace manual methods with a robotic layout system that would work seamlessly with existing technology, and that would coordinate with a 3D building information modeling (BIM) process.
Trimble® RTS773, Trimble® Field Link solution and Trimble® Field Points software to accurately and efficiently locate pipes and anchors, and ensure their complex designs translated to the field.

“With the aid of 3D coordination and Trimble Field Link, precision installations have become not only possible, but commonplace—no matter the structure, scope or scale.”
John Gray, CAD BIM Manager, COSCO Fire Protection


Designs were transferred directly from digital files to the robot, ensuring all of the necessary components were installed with precision. COSCO also experienced seamless integration within their existing technology framework.

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