Bright Sheet Metal Company is a full-service HVAC contractor specializing in sheet metal ductwork and metal fabrication. The team wanted to reduce model coordination time and the amount of time required to bring models to LOD 400 standards for reliable fabrication and field installation.


Bright Sheet Metal had to take plans that were designed in Autodesk Revit and then rebuild them in AutoCAD to bring them to construction-ready LOD 400, which generally took three to four weeks.
Provide a solution that created data-rich models in days, not weeks, while coordinating more effectively with other trades during the fabrication and design process.
Trimble® SysQue®, which allowed their designers to update models from LOD 200 to LOD 400 within Revit, and to make necessary changes in real time during design review meetings.

“We can make the changes immediately and that efficiency gain helps us move on to the next task…all while keeping the project moving forward.”
- Rance Pearson, BIM Director, Bright Sheet Metal


Updating models from LOD 200 to LOD 400 within Revit reduced the lead time to develop a coordinated model from three to four weeks to two to three days. They were also able to collaborate with other trades, identify potential clashes, and make changes on-the-fly.

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