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Whether you want to connect a fitting to a pipe, rotate entire systems in 3D without leaving your current view, reconnect a disconnected saddle to a pipe, attach hangers to routing systems, or extend hanger rods to construction elements, you can now save considerable time by eliminating the redundant steps imposed by the native Revit commands.

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Power up your MEP design

Trimble and MEPContent are coming together to help you easily design Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems in Revit

Discover the benefits of MEPContent's Productivity Tools App designed for MEP Engineers and Contractors

Connect elements with just clicks

Simply select the element you want to connect and the element you want to connect into. No need to align and drag the element to the position where it should be connected. Or connect and rotate in one run with just 3 clicks.

Design faster in 3D

No need to go through all the steps imposed by the native Revit functionalities anymore to connect, copy, and rotate elements or entire systems; with just a few clicks you can now perform these actions in any view, including 3D views, without having to create separate section views.

No unwanted elements created

No unwanted elements are created when using the three connectivity tools; the selected element(s) will be moved and then directly connected to the reference element; no additional pipes, ducts or fittings added between them.

Copy and immediately connect

With Connect & copy elements you can improve your productivity by making multiple copies of an element (like equipment or specific fittings) and, contrary to Revit, by connecting it immediately to other elements (like pipes or ducts).

Rotate without losing connectivity

Rotate single or multiple elements (like pipes, ducts, and fittings) connected to a system by specifying the desired direction and angle; opposed to Revit, the connectivity won’t be lost.

Rotate in any view around any axis

Rotate single Revit families, multiple elements connected to each other, assemblies or groups around X, Y, and Z axis in any view, including 3D views by using the intuitive rotation helper provided by the Rotate elements in free space tool.

Attach and extend hanger rods to construction elements

Attach and extend hanger rods to architectural and structural elements (like rails, support profiles, walls or ceilings) in one go. The threaded rods are automatically extended and can be attached also to sloped elements from your current project or a linked model.

Restore disconnected elements

Reconnect elements makes it easy to reconnect multiple disconnected system elements in one click, instead of element by element.