Trimble Workforce Registry

A comprehensive workforce management solution.

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Trimble® Workforce Registry lets you register and store your workforce data in the cloud so you can easily search any worker’s records at any time.

A cloud-based workforce management solution

  • Access anywhere

    View any worker’s documentation anywhere using your mobile device.

  • Smart enrollment

    Workforce Registry lets you upload documents and present them to workers electronically.

  • Work your way

    Customize forms and documents to capture the exact information you need.

  • Report efficiently

    Workforce Registry lets you filter, review, and download workforce data easily.

Simplify and modernize your workforce management

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An intuitive tool to streamline your workflow

  • Mobile-ready

    View any worker’s documentation anywhere using your mobile device, linked direct to the complete management database.

  • Direct communication

    Broadcast texts to workers about upcoming safety meetings, bad weather and site hazards.

  • Accurate onboarding

    View and present any worker’s documentation anywhere using your mobile device, including document signatures, such as NDAs for e-signing

  • Self enrollment

    Have workers enter their information on a tablet from the office or job site so you can approve and accept completed worker documentation on the spot.

  • Customized forms

    Upload specific documents to the cloud, and add or remove fields to obtain the information you need on every worker.

  • Registry reporting

    Filter workers by trade, employer, certifications, experience and other criteria, then export a customized version of your register to Excel with two clicks.

Register and store your workforce data

Trimble Workforce Registry gives greater visibility over—and a streamlined process for—your workforce.

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