Trimble TX6/TX8 3D Laser Scanners

Delivering comprehensive worksite data collection.

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Delivering state-of-the-art speed and high precision, the Trimble® TX6/TX8 3D Laser Scanners set new standards of performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D scan data.

The optimal scanner for building construction applications

  • Increase productivity

    Work with our scanner’s clean, low-noise data that drastically reduces processing times.

  • Capture with high-speed precision

    High-speed data capture with 2mm precision with Trimble's patented lightning technology.

  • Work intuitively

    The color touchscreen display and one-button scanning make data capture easy and efficient.

  • Rely on performance

    The rugged design, built for construction, it enables data capture in demanding environments and bright sunlight.

Total in-field scanning performance

View the product video to learn more about the Trimble TX6/TX8 3D Laser Scanners.

The complete in-field data capture solution

  • Precision capture

    Using our patented lightning technology, TX6 and TX8 captures precise data at high speed, and is less susceptible to variations in surface types and atmospheric conditions.

  • Efficient workflow

    TX6 and TX8, paired with Trimble RealWorks, provides effective data flow into our popular modeling programs, Trimble EdgeWise and SketchUp, for point-cloud modeling.

  • Rugged design

    TX6 and TX8 are designed to an IP54 rating with a protected mirror to capture data in demanding environments. Its Class 1 eye-safe laser makes it safe to use on busy construction sites.

  • High-resolution scanning

    TX6 provides a 360-degree by 317-degree field of view with typical scan times of just three minutes.

  • Complete mobility

    TX6 and TX8 are powered by lightweight, long-life lithium-ion batteries, while the wheeled transportation case conforms to most airlines’ checked luggage requirements, enabling for transport between job sites.

  • Holistic use

    TX6 and TX8 are designed for a broad array of uses and environments, including BIM, VDC, quality control, pre-construction as-builts, and more.

The best-in-class scanner for building construction use

Powerful, precise, fast processing of high-resolution scanned data.

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What our clients say

“We estimated it would take about 4 days or 32-man hours to complete an as-built assessment manually. With the Trimble scanner, we had access to high-quality data fast and were able to quickly capture clean data in bright sunlight.”

Bill Cameron, BIM Manager, Arden Engineering Construction

"The TX6 is impressive because of the high level of accuracy it delivers and the extreme flexibility it provides on the jobsite. We estimate that it saved about 90% in labor costs."

Nick Snow, Detailer and BIM Coordinator, EC Electric

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