Trimble SysQue

Trimble® SysQue® provides MEP designers and contractors with a seamless workflow from design to fabrication to construction.

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Trimble® SysQue® enables designers and contractors to design in Autodesk® Revit® with real-world, manufacturing-specific MEP content that is ready for fabrication.

One seamless workflow

  • Enhance your model

    Use materials and sizes based on actual manufacturer products.

  • Easily collaborate

    Work from one Revit model, from design through construction.

  • Stay up to date

    Work from a continually evolving database of over six million parts.

  • Add functionality

    Use our smart reporting to take your data-rich model further.

Real-time accuracy, real-world applicability

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Transforming MEP Constructible Models

  • Work in Revit natively

    No longer rely on custom objects forced into your design platform. SysQue offers enhanced Revit families with manufacturer specific pipes, valves, fittings and fixtures.

  • Work in Revit natively

    SysQue offers enhanced Revit families with REAL manufacturer's straights, conduit, wire basket, bus duct and fitting content.

  • Work in Revit natively

    No longer rely on custom objects forced into your design platform. SysQue offers enhanced Revit families with round, rectangular and oval manufacturer specific duct families.

  • Work in Revit natively

    As SysQue works within Revit and is driven by RFAs, you're no longer relying on custom objects forced into your design platform.

  • Create construction-level modeling

    Evolve the engineering model into a fabricatable model directly within the Revit platform and easily reach your project level of development requirements.

  • Fabricate from your model

    Quickly divide and output piping, plumbing, ductwork or electrical systems into spool sheets for color isolation, bill of material schedules, annotations, dimensions and more.

  • Manage your submittals

    Submittal instantly produces PDFs for all Revit families, ready to be marked up and emailed for approval.

  • Detailed hangers and supports

    Hangers and supports can be modeled in Revit with hanger rod lengths and structural attachments, then exported to Trimble Field Link for layout.

  • Conduit for electrical systems

    User-configurable visual clearances for cable tray systems and the ability to configure conduit specific to your organization's conduit bender.

  • Ductwork specifications

    Convert generic Revit families to SMACNA and DW144 specifications out of the box.

  • Export to CAM

    Save hours of manual input by downloading HVAC ductwork directly from a Revit model and importing it into CAM software.

A more accurate workflow

Design with real-world, manufacturing-specific content.

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What our clients say

“The SysQue Library is simply a game changer. Being able to download professionally built BIM data is crucial when I only have eight hours in a day.”

Mike Shamalla, Project Design Lead, GM McCrossin

“With the help of SysQue, we are able to demonstrate our expertise, optimize our labor resources, and deliver solutions faster, safer and with exceptional quality.”

Daniel Johnson, Construction Manager and Virtual Coordination Manager, Price Electric

“There is a real need for more intelligent, fabrication-ready models that have the actual system components included. That’s why we turned to Trimble SysQue.”

Dustin Allen, Project/BIM Manager, North Mechanical Contracting & Service

"Having mechanical equipment families that are so detailed and accurate direct from the manufacturer saves so much time. Being able to have a model that includes design specs that actually match to fabrication and installation standards has been fantastic."

Rance Pearson, BIM Director, Bright Sheet Metal Company

"I have been using the updated supports module. I wanted to thank you for giving us the option to snap to levels and apply a deck thickness. This has cut my hanger workflow time considerably. My team will always be using either this option or the default hanger length option. I am so happy that we won’t be waiting on it to process to a linked model any longer. We just need to be able to set the hanger rod to a specific elevation…and now we can!"

Jeff Miller, Director of Virtual Construction, LEED AP

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