Trimble RTS673

Accuracy for everyday layout tasks.

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With Trimble® RTS673, contractors can improve efficiency and accuracy for common layout tasks in building construction.

Unsurpassed total station technology

  • Streamline tasks

    Automate building layout tasks with total confidence when working with layouts for sleeves, hangers and more.

  • Work efficiently

    Trimble MagDrive™ Servo Technology provides for exceptional speed and accuracy with smooth, silent operation.

  • Measure precisely

    Trimble SurePoint™ Technology ensures accurate measurements by automatically correcting for unwanted environmental factors

  • Operate flexibly

    MultiTrack technology offers the choice between passive and active tracking.

Powerful technology for everyday applications

  • Sophisticated automation

    RTS673 streamlines layouts of sleeves, hangers, stub-up or cable trays. Versatile enough for light topographic projects and data collection, it can handle almost any challenge on the job site.

  • Integrated workflow

    Combine with Trimble Field Link software running on the Trimble Field Tablet to optimize your accuracy and productivity.

  • Class 2 laser pointer

    Visually mark points with high precision, giving you measurement solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability.

  • Trimble MultiTrack™

    This innovative technology locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements and active targets for dynamic measurement, stakeout and grade control.

  • Trimble SurePoint™ Technology

    RTS673 ensures accurate measurements by automatically correcting for unwanted movement due to wind, sinkage, and other factors.

  • Trimble MagDrive™

    Our Servo Technology provides for exceptional speed and accuracy with smooth, silent operation.

Fast, accurate, reliable technology for building layout tasks

Improve precision and efficiencies for common layout tasks by making the most of Trimble RTS673 technology.

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Learn how Trimble RTS673 will improve the quality and speed of your everyday building layout tasks on the job site.


What our clients say

"We couldn’t believe the improvements in speed and accuracy. Using the old methods, a two-person crew could layout 100 hanger points in an 8-hour day. With the RTS, we can layout 400 points a day–and we are very accurate."

Paul J Alexander, Vice President, Straus Systems

"Using the RTS, we set approximately 500 field points in one day with one person. Conventional tape measure methods would take several days. We increased our concrete deck insert layout productivity by a factor of 10."

Jason Smith, Chief Engineer, F.E. Moran

“The Trimble Robotic Total Station is now an integral part of our field layout workflow on this job and all others down the road.”

Jim Mercer, Commercial Project Manager, Ken Neyer Plumbing

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