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Powerful scanning software to transform scan data into compelling 3D deliverables.

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Trimble® RealWorks point-cloud software enables you to register, visualize, explore and manipulate as-built data collected from your 3D laser scanner.

Advanced, but very easy to use

  • Automatic registration

    Automatically register scan data into a composite point cloud with targetless registration, cloud-based registration, or auto-extract targets for precise alignment.

  • View anywhere

    Share data with project stakeholders with the integrated publisher tool.

  • Model real world conditions

    Create 3D models directly from the point cloud and export with direct integration into SketchUp and AutoCAD.

  • Align to model coordinates

    Geo-reference scan data to project coordinates with integrated tools, ensuring alignment with the 3D construction model.

Manage, process and analyze large data sets

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Create impactful 3D deliverables from in-field data

  • Registration and alignment

    Manage, process, and analyze large data files containing millions of points to produce high-quality deliverables.

  • Modeling tools

    Model diverse shapes to represent the as-built environment by creating 3D solid objects.

  • Pre-construction design assist

    Overlay modeled point-cloud conditions with your design model, including CAD detailing software, to identify conflicts between design and construction.

  • Collaboration

    Trimble RealWorks offers a variety of collaboration tools to view your work, including the ability to compress projects into an Internet Explorer-readable package for customers and project stakeholders to use.

  • Preferred modeling platform

    Easily work with data after it's collected to process and smoothly export models to their preferred platform for further modeling. Integrations include SketchUp, AutoCAD, or export a ReCap file.

Quickly model existing pipe from point-cloud data

Trimble RealWorks allows for impactful 3D visualization from large amounts of field data.

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Discover how to quickly model existing pipe from point-cloud data.


What our clients say

"The point cloud from TX6 scanner and RealWorks gave us a clear and accurate picture of what we were looking at for phase 2 of our project. We also like that RealWorks point cloud data from the scan folded seamlessly into our Revit, SysQue and Navisworks workflow."

Bill Cameron, BIM Manager, Arden Engineering Constructors

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