Trimble R8S GNSS Receiver

Total confidence to the sub-centimeter level.

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The combined technology of the Trimble® R8S GNSS Receiver system and Trimble Field Link layout software provides contractors with an easy to use system for layout solutions.

Superior GNSS technology for site work and utility layout

  • Overcome obstructions

    Expand the reach of your GNSS rover to sites that were previously inaccessible.

  • Streamline your workflow

    Pair with a powerful Trimble tablet controller loaded with our intuitive Trimble Field Link software.

  • Minimize setup

    Use satelitte tracking to reduce the amount of setup time required.

  • Perform accurate QA

    Data corrections can be broadcast and received through wide band UHF radio or via the internet.

Greater precision in more uncertain situations

  • Intuitive Field Link interface

    Trimble Field Link software simplifies everyday work, which makes for a powerful offering when paired with the Trimble R8S GNSS Receiver and tablet controller.

  • Long distance capability

    The combination of the intuitive Trimble Field Link and the accuracy of GNSS ensures you can take advantage of your coordinated models, for a complete office-to-field workflow.

  • Designed for the MEP contractor

    The streamlined workflow guides your layout crew through common project types, helping them to get the job done faster. Trimble Field Link enables you to import your point data with confidence.

  • Trimble 360 technology

    Expand the reach of your GNSS rover to sites by taking advantage of additional satellite signals.

  • Multiple configurations

    Available in base-only or rover-only configurations depending on your construction layout needs.

The complete field solution

Trimble R8S GNSS Receiver is an easy to use, incredibly precise field system.

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