Trimble PipeDesigner 3D

The ultimate detailing software for mechanical, piping and plumbing contractors.

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Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® is an advanced 3D-detailing solution that makes the entire workflow easier and more intuitive.

The single detailing solution

  • Work efficiently

    Use automated tools to reduce design time.

  • Radiply implement standards

    Use our data editor tool for comprehensive database management.

  • Translate to the field

    Quickly automate points within drawings to prep data for the field

  • Maximize your workflow

    Smoothly export data to work between other design tools.

Intelligent and intuitive detailing software

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A comprehensive design detailing solution

  • Enhanced compass

    Our enhanced compass in Trimble PipeDesigner 3D makes putting your mechanical systems into the exact position even easier.

  • Automatically insert hanger blocks

    The hanger block insertion tool will quickly place the blocks at hanger point locations along the pipe run.

  • Intuitive data editor

    Easily manage fitting graphics with dimension display, ribbon controls, constraints with error and customizable layout.

  • Auto routing

    Our autoroute program will fill the router line with your current spec and size to generate 3D pipes and fittings.

  • Spool manager

    Easily define and create spools using specific naming sequencers, templates and bill of material settings.

  • Customizable reports

    Build fully customizable reports to meet your company's need. Types of bill of material reports available include fitting, pipe, valve and weld.

An integrated and automated detailing solution

Accelerate and simplify your workflow with Trimble PipeDesigner 3D.

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Learn how Trimble PipeDesigner 3D can make the entire workflow easier and more intuitive.


What our clients say

"The biggest benefit leading us to use this software was the ease of spooling and creation of an accurate bill of materials. The accurate bill of materials populated on each spool sheet gives estimators the ability to verify budgets, order correct materials and initiate field reviews before pre-fabrication processes begin."

Brandon Miller, CAD Coordinator, MTech

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