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BIM and prefabrication require high quality, real-world content.

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An unrivaled and ever-expanding library of 8 million fully managed, high LOD components tailored specifically to MEP detailers and engineers that need quality content.

What is Trimble Managed Content?

  • ITMs and Revit Families

    The promise of SysQue and Revit is real - but your team's skillset and projects are mixed. We fully support Revit Families and ITMs.

  • Built and Tested by Professionals

    30 highly-skilled content engineers focused solely on creating, testing, and maintaining the highest quality content in the MEP industry

  • Manufacturer Depth and Breadth

    356 manufacturers, representing 7250 product lines, totaling 8 million component size lines. Need a manufacturer product line? No problem, we'll create it.

  • Maintained and Up to Date

    We don't just create content. When a manufacturer updates a product line, so do we.

You're business is construction, not content creation

  • Focus on Your Core

    Creating (and maintaining) content is time-consuming and costly, forcing you and your teams to spend effort on tasks that aren't core to your business.

  • We're the Experts

    Our team has been in the MEP managed content business for 10+ years. We know how to repeatedly maintain quality content with efficiency. Day in and day out.

  • Old Data = Costly Mistakes

    Is the content in your CAD model accurate and current with the manufacturer latest product line updates? Mistakes are costly when you depend on your BIM model for dimensional accuracy of components, erroding any savings you hoped to gain from prefabrication and offsite assembly.

  • A Demonstratable Return on Investment

    Employing even just one employee to create and manage your content is costly. Our customers see an average savings of over 80% compared to managing content themselves. Factor in any inaccuracies with that content, and the ROI from Trimble Managed Content is clear.

  • Labor and Price is Included

    Our parametric content includes item price and labor factors, enabling you to estimate and procure faster. We work closely with industry leaders like Trade Service (a Trimble Company), MCAA/WebLEM, NECA, Harrison, and others to cross-reference our data. The result? Over 95% of our parametric content includes price and labor information.

  • Standards and Consistency

    We know the MEP industry and the technology platforms. The availability, quality, and consistency of content varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. We set standards, adhere to stringent processes, and normalize disparate and inconsistent content into a single stream of reliable data for your entire company.

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