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Simplify field layout data preparation and analysis.

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Trimble® Field Link Office is a simple and easy-to-use tool to prepare and check layout data for the field, improving accuracy and productivity.

From office to field

  • Digitize your plan

    Easily create digital field layout files from a paper plan.

  • Build without CAD

    Prepare building layout data for field crews with a simplified tool that doesn't require CAD.

  • Common interface

    Work in the same interface as field layout crews to ensure accuracy.

Intuitive, straightforward field layout preparation

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Efficient, effective planning

  • From paper to data

    Use simplified tools to quickly enter data and create a digital plan from the paper version, which can can easily be uploaded to Trimble Connect and shared with field crews.

  • No CAD? No problem

    Prepare layout data without needing to use CAD, complete with tasks that field crews can use.

  • Layer management tools

    Manage and visualize important information with Trimble Field Link’s easy layer management tools.

  • Easily share files

    Share layout-ready files by direct transfer or through upload to Trimble Connect.

  • Office-based viewer

    An office-based viewer with the same features you rely on in the field with Trimble Field Link.

  • Perform QA/QC

    The common interface between the office and field versions makes it easy to analyze already laid-out field points.

Work without the complexity

A simple, easy-to-use tool for field layout preparation.

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