Trimble FabShop

Industry-leading CAM-cutting software.

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Trimble® FabShop, formerly Vulcan, has set the bar for cutting software with the best mix of innovation and usability.

Innovation in CAM-cutting software

  • Take control

    Control how your fittings are entered, formed and fabricated.

  • Minimize errors

    Use auto shape nesting to eliminate material waste.

  • Customize reporting

    Receive only the information you need for a specific job.

Powerful, intuitive HVAC fabrication technology

  • Eliminate material waste

    Use auto shape nesting to view any blank space by piece number, blank number or cut order.

  • Mobile functionality

    Our mobile applications take the guesswork out of the information coming from the field, resulting in reduced errors from hand drawings.

  • Powerful reporting

    Trimble FabShop features a custom report designer to provide you with the information you need.

  • Comprehensive fitting library

    Our library includes thousands of fittings that can be used in anything from residential projects to large industrial applications.

  • Streamlined workflow

    Import functionality improves the workflow between CAD software solutions including estimating and field fitting.

  • Track your fittings

    Our Trimble FabShop application helps you know when your fittings have left the shop and arrived at the job site.

Smart, unique CAM-cutting software

Making your shop more efficient and your life a little easier.

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