Trimble EdgeWise

The automated modeling tool for scan data.

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Trimble® EdgeWise dramatically reduces the time required to accurately transform point-cloud data into intelligent and actionable models of the worksite.

Extract the intelligent information you need

  • Save time

    Reduce modeling time as the software quickly and intelligently extracts and models pipe, steel, duct, conduit and more.

  • Improve accuracy

    Use our automated modeling algorithm when extracting piping, conduit and duct.

  • Maintain systems

    Easily export pipe, conduit, steel or duct families while maintaining key intelligence in Revit.

Produce accurate BIM-ready models

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Flexibility for the MEP contractor

  • Bespoke algorithms

    Trimble EdgeWise’s unique algorithms let you to quickly and intelligently extract major elements to be exported to popular modeling platforms.

  • QA tools

    Trimble EdgeWise quality assurance tools allow you to check the accuracy of every extracted element to ensure your model is true to the point cloud and assigned to industry specifications.

  • Revit integration

    MEP elements extracted and modeled in EdgeWise are smoothly imported into Revit as families with an integrated plug-in to maintain key intelligence such as diameter, length and more.

  • Accurate automation

    Rely on the unique algorithms of EdgeWise to accurately connect occluded regions of pipe, join elbows and model transitions to move your workflow along.

An intelligent modeling and analysis assistant

Improve accuracy and save valuable time when when modeling from 3D scan data.

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