Trimble DuctDesigner 3D

The full-featured detailing solution for sheet metal and HVAC contractors.

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Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D® is a highly integrated and easy-to-use drawing interface for detailing development.

Intuitive duct detailing

  • Easily design

    Use tools integrated into AutoCAD that simplify processes.

  • Properly prepare

    Quickly automate points for use in the field.

  • Rapidly implement standards

    Use our data editor tool for comprehensive database management.

The highly extensible detailing solution

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Streamline and optimize your systems

  • Flexible field point tools

    Use a variety of field point commands to automate the placement of layout points within your drawing.

  • Automatically insert hanger blocks

    The hanger block insertion tool allows you to use custom hanger blocks and will quickly place the blocks at hanger point locations along the duct run.

  • Auto fill tap

    The program will automatically draw 3D fittings between the main duct run and your ceiling diffuser.

  • Standard settings

    Our data editor allows for the setup of company settings, fabrications, standards, and project settings.

  • Intelligent data storage

    Using our Trimble DuctDesigner 3D properties palette and tooltips, quickly view the properties of any fitting.

An Easier and More Intuitive Workflow

The perfect detailing software for sheet metal and HVAC contractors.

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What our clients say

"DuctDesigner gives our models more consistency and accuracy and warns us if fittings don’t meet our duct construction standards. It highlights invalid fittings like a transition offset that exceeds so many degrees so we can find and fix errors faster and don’t waste time or spend extra money on rework."

Nathan Dills, Owner and President, ACP Sheet Metal

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