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By giving everyone access to detailed project information, Trimble® Connect helps us all build better by making project information transparent, traceable and accessible.

Connect the Office and the Field

  • Easily access information

    With mobile, desktop and web accessibility, stakeholders can access what they need, when they need it.

  • Minimize email chains

    Using our cloud-based collaboration platform, MEP contractors and engineers can coordinate, communicate and collaborate directly.

  • Create project consistency

    Achieve predictable control by consolidating information across the design, build, and operate project phases.

Everyone and everything connected

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Collaboration between project stakeholders and their tools

  • Secure, collaborative platform

    Trimble Connect is the glue between software and hardware products across the entire MEP workflow, connecting the different stages of a project and the countless contractors working on it.

  • Comprehensive web compatibility

    Access information wherever you are—in the office, remotely, or in the field via desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Ensure everyone has a clear, up-to-date view of the project’s progress.

  • Intuitive workflow systems

    With clear folder structures and version control application, you can be confident that as projects progress and become more complex, all development moves in the right direction.

  • Task management

    An integrated "to-do" system that flags, delegates and completes outstanding project tasks. Automate emails to assigned contractors ensuring everyone is clear on what tasks they're responsible for.

  • Mixed reality integration

    Our HoloLens application brings 3D model visualization directly to the field. Contractors can use augmented and mixed reality to work more precisely than ever before.

Simple, complete project collaboration

Trimble Connect unites contractors and their various software and hardware applications onto one intuitive platform.

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What our clients say

“Using Trimble Connect mixed reality for near real-time quality control, the on-site team identified and resolved potential issues avoiding significant schedule delays and cost overruns.”

Rémi Visiere, Head of Research, Development & Innovation, GA Smart Building

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