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Accuracy and speed are just a few reasons why Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical is the leading software designed specifically for commercial mechanical, piping, and plumbing contractors.

Estimate with confidence

  • Competitive edge

    Create a competitive edge with specification-driven takeoffs that work.

  • Skip the digitizer

    Been there, done that. With OnScreen view, no digitizer is needed.

  • Automation is speed

    Auto-fitting generation is the heart of fast take-off. Our patented approach is the fastest.

Complete customization for the mechanical contractor

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Full-featured estimating software

  • Auto-fitting generation

    Fittings are automatically generated while touching points along the route line in OnScreen View, using rule-sets to make decisions along the way. Our product greatly reduces takeoff time with automation.

  • Value engineering

    Whether you're preparing value engineering options to save the customer time and construction costs or budgeting conceptual estimates, Trimble AutoBid Mechanical gives you the competitive advantage.

  • Custom exports

    Create an export report of material costs, labor hours, and costs by different breakdowns that can be directly imported into accounting or project scheduling software.

  • Rapid reports

    Summarize and customize data in a variety of configurations using Excel-based reports.

  • PipeDesigner 3D® integration

    Assemble the associated material and labor costs without quantifying them in takeoff by exporting the piping model directly into Trimble AutoBid Mechanical.

  • Pricing services

    Maintain current material pricing in your database using a live link for pricing services such as TRA-SER®, Harrison Publishing CINX and allpri$er.

The way you want your workflow

Trimble AutoBid Mechanical is fast, accurate and easy to use.

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What our clients say

"Trimble AutoBid allows us to train younger estimators so we can do more and retain that knowledge that we're efficient and we're also covering all of our bases."

Brad Hedblom, President, Omega Mechanical

"Thanks to 3D technology, we keep finding efficient ways to expedite the whole piping process. Since the implementation of AutoBid in our company, it’s paid for itself tenfold."

Mike Savko, Construction Manager, Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc.

"What a difference. With AutoBid, our bids are so much more accurate. No matter the building style…the tool automatically generates the correct number of components we need. No more guesswork."

Tyke Read, Secretary, Brown & Read Engineering

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