Trimble Accubid Classic

Your complete electrical estimating software solution.

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Designed specifically for electrical contractors, Trimble® Accubid® Classic facilitates the complete construction workflow—from estimating to purchasing, project management and billing.

Your best construction workflow foundation

  • Hit the ground running

    With built-in labor units, labor factoring, labor tracking and cost codes.

  • Break down the entire bid

    With sophisticated project management features.

  • Easily create

    Custom, project-specific assemblies on-the-fly for any size project.

  • Quickly compare

    Components of the estimate with our instant bid summary.

Full-featured estimating software

  • Huge Material Database

    Access over 40,000 items and 9,500 assemblies--flexible enough for any sized project.

  • Dynamic Takeoffs

    Automatically calculate required assembly component quantities or count specifications.

  • Multi-Level Breakdowns

    View subtotals across breakdowns in any order. With complete flexibility and control.

  • Live Extensions

    Instantly calculate each takeoff as it occurs, jumping from audit trail to extended bill of materials.

  • Instant Bid Summary

    Compare estimate components using labor-to-material ratios, costs-per-foot, per-system or per-floor.

  • Project Management

    Break down the entire bid by logical and physical aspects such as floor, system, area, cost code, or drawing, and export this information to other applications.

The way you want your workflow

Trimble Accubid Classic is fast, efficient and easy to use.

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What our clients say

"Accubid made it possible to pinpoint and install anchors for each pendant location in one step, eliminating the need to mark and come back later to install anchors. The process removes any chance of layout errors from the standard field measuring. It also provides us the ability to install our work earlier in the construction process, which on fast track projects is an added bonus."

John Krstyen, Project Manager, Cache Valley Electric

"Accubid is a very flexible, effective tool we use to bid all of our work. Using Accubid Classic with LiveCount allows us to bid more work with a high degree of accuracy."

Richard Andow, Sr. Lead Estimator, CSI Electrical Contractors

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Trimble Accubid Classic is fast, efficient and easy to use -- see for yourself!

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