A fully featured CAM manufacturing solution.

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EC-DuctMaker empowers you and your shop to tackle any collaborative fitting and manufacturing project with efficiency and ease.

Streamline your fabrication

  • Tackle any job

    Easily build to any shop's standards.

  • Customized to you

    Use software that's fully automated to accommodate how you do business.

  • Remove hassle

    Move from design to fabrication sharing the same library of presets.

  • Reduce waste

    Create efficient prefabrication layouts with our editor tool.

A highly flexibile solution for CAM manufacturing

  • Customizable parts libraries

    EC-DuctMaker provides full single and double wall-fitting libraries that can be customized to your shop’s requirements.

  • Manufacturer defaults, fabrication specifications

    Standardize and automate fitting geometry and fabrication data for each pressure class to minimize input and increase accuracy.

  • Shop tickets

    Customizable 2D and 3D shop tickets for fabricate, label-only, and purchased fittings.

  • Fabrication reports

    EC-DuctMaker provides many standard and customizable reports to help streamline fabrication.

  • Full integration

    Connect EC-DuctMaker directly to industry plasma tables and coil lines.

  • Layout efficiency

    The powerful layout editor allows you to manipulate fittings, perform collision checks to prevent overlap, and lock the design to prevent unwanted changes.

Customizable, automated CAM manufacturing

Take control of your sheet metal fabrication.

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