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Mixed Reality Technology for HVAC Contractors

As immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) continue to advance, many business leaders recognize the value of these tools as fundamental elements for visualizing complex data and supporting more information-rich experiences… [Read more]

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Software for MEP Industry Continues to Expand

“Software is having an enormous impact on the plumbing and larger MEP community.”

The rapidly evolving software segment for the MEP industry continues to broaden the scope of engineers’ designs…[Read more]

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University Project Incorporates Integrated Project Delivery

Brown University pushed the building envelope during construction of its new $78 million, 80,000-square-foot engineering structure.

The 264-year-old private Ivy League school in Providence, Rhode Island, includes specialized facilities for nanoscale and biomedical engineering, along with two full floors of laboratory space (20 laboratory modules) designed to expand cross-disciplinary research such as chemistry and computer sciences. The new 3-story facility connects the engineering and physics building via bridges on all three levels… [Read more]

Scanning Technology Adds Detail to 3D Design

Several years ago, Bill Cameron, BIM Manager for Arden Engineering Constructors, recalls that the Pawtucket RI-based company began to see a substantial uptick in the number of RFPs for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), and HVAC systems renovation and retrofit jobs, as opposed to new construction projects. It was at this time that the company began to look for innovative alternatives to the manual collection of spatial data for adding to and refurbishing HVAC and mechanical systems… [Read more]

Why It’s Crucial for Construction Professionals to Master Asset Management

Professionals in the construction trades face issues related to speed, efficiency and waste every day. In fact, balancing these requirements with the practicalities of getting the job done pretty much defines the role of the superintendents, project managers, and foremen heading up every active jobsite in the nation right now. But, it’s not just limited to the boots on the ground or the folks calling the shots at each site. The same concerns impact designers, estimators, engineers, and even the man or woman sitting in the corner office… [Read more]

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Trimble releases Connect for Hololens app and hard hat

Trimble Connect for HoloLens app uses mixed-reality to improve coordination by combining models from structural, mechanical and electrical trades. The app provides for alignment of holographic data on a 1:1 scale on the job site, to review models in the context of the physical environment. The pre-generated 3-D mixed reality images from Trimble Connect can be used for training purposes and to compare plans against completed work. [Read more]

Why Electrical Contractors Should Care About the IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the most significant breakthroughs of the 21st century. Focusing on increased connectivity, streamlined communications and mobile hardware—which includes automated factory robots and machinery—the platform has the potential to affect nearly every industry. Its effect on some of the more labor-intensive jobs, like electrical contracting and engineering, is already apparent. Nonetheless, some professionals still struggle to realize the benefits. [Read more]

Trimble Connect for HoloLens Goes Live On-Site Under a New ANSI-Approved Hard Hat Copy

Trimble and Microsoft announced that they were partnering in April of 2015 during Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference. The development focus of the partnership was threefold… [Read more]

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BIM Tools Improve Commercial Installs

Building information modeling is enhancing how plumbers and pipefitters do their jobs. Building information modeling (BIM) gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the ability to virtually plan, design, construct and maintain buildings, including the vital plumbing and mechanical systems within these structures… [Read more]

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Tech for Construction with Bryan Williams from Trimble

The ConTechCrew episode 102 hosts Bryan Williams of Trimble to discuss scanning tech for construction! In other construction news The ConTechCrew talks volocopters, CES updates, two-way radios, and crane collapses. [Read more]