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[On-Demand Webinar] Automate Manual Sales Order Processing with Supplier Xchange Pro

How much time do you spend on sales order tasks for your commercial contractor customers like managing emails, filling out spreadsheets, and re-entering data into your ERP? Join us and distribution veteran, Jon Huizenga, to learn more about how Trimble has been hard at work solving for this sticky challenge. We’re pleased to present Supplier Xchange Pro, our pricing and procurement service powered by a network of over 15 thousand digital connections between MEP distributors and their commercial contractors today. In this informative session, you’ll learn where your contractor customers are asking to streamline more of their procurement processes and how you can use Supplier Xchange Pro to: -Automate more of your sales order processing with commercial contractors. -Remove pesky day-to-day productivity inhibitors in the procurement process. -Eliminate manual receipt and re-keying of data from a purchase order into your ERP. -Create buying predictability with contractors for commonly purchased items. -Keep the human in automation.