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February, 2013

Global Parts and Parts of Parts

In the Trimble Accubid Enterprise Estimating application, components can be generated in several ways.  Each required component could be taken off individually and separately; a process that would be extremely time consuming and could lead to omissions. Click To Enlarge

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May, 2012

Integration to ConstructJob Part I

For every project, job costing starts at the estimate. Using the Integrator utility, you can easily transfer data from your Accubid Estimating program to the ConstructJob project management system. We will walk through this process which involves the following 5 steps:

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February, 2012

Selecting Takeoff Attributes in Accubid Enterprise Estimating

When using a specification driven takeoff tool such as Accubid Enterprise Estimating, it is important to tell the software what needs to be calculated. The estimator selects the wiring method based on the project specification. In Enterprise, this is accomplished by selecting the appropriate specification as shown below.

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August, 2011

Accelerating Takeoff Using Takeoff Pads

In Enterprise Estimating, there are a number of features that can assist in accelerating takeoff. The approach of specification-based takeoff used in Enterprise Estimating offers tremendous advantages in speed on its own, but there is a way to further increase speed of takeoff of either items or assemblies and that is by exploiting the graphical approach of on-screen takeoff using on-screen takeoff pads. This article examines that approach in detail.

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