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BIM, CAD, Operations Management, Project Management, Technology - January, 2017

Big Budget Buildings: 10 Construction Projects That Broke the Bank

Over recent years the US AEC sector has grown substantially. Economically, the sector is buoyant and job creation throughout the industry has been high. The construction industry has benefitted from strong policy decisions and science and technology have been high on the political agenda. 

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Estimating, Operations Management, Project Management - October, 2015

Improving Change Order Approval and Acceptance

It’s no mystery to any Electrical or other specialty trade contractor that submitting Change Orders for acceptance and prompt payment can be a significant challenge and can negatively impact your profitably on a project. Recently, after publishing a report on Change Orders, a number of subcontractor associations have started promoting to the construction industry a set of Change Order standards that may help the submittal and approval process. While this is not a magic bullet set of standards,

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Estimating - June, 2014

Wow, if I do this just one time…

Once a project has been awarded, one of the first tasks for the Project Manager is to set up the basic framework or templates for managing any changes that may occur during the project. Whether you are using Trimble Accubid Classic ChangeOrder or Trimble Accubid Enterprise Change Management just a few preliminary steps can make the management of your Change Estimates (PCO) and Change Orders (CO) easier.

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Estimating, Project Management - June, 2014

Change Order Protocol - Revisited

In keeping with our theme of managing Change Orders in your business we wanted to bring back one of our more popular Trimble Extensions articles, written by Giovanni Marcelli, detailing the Change Order Protocol.  This is the first in a three part series focusing on this topic and at the conclusion of this article you will find the links to the other two articles. Introduction

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3D Modeling, BIM, CAD, Scanning - January, 2014

Creating a 3D CAD Model from a Laser Scanned Point Cloud (Overview)

“How do I create a 3D Model with a 3D Laser Scanner?”

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Estimating, Takeoffs - January, 2014

Data Service Providers: Why You Need One

Many factors are taken into account when deciding who wins a bid – the contractor’s reputation for quality and whether or not they finish on schedule is important, but material and labor cost are perhaps the most definitive factor when it comes to choosing a winner.  Despite that, many contractors enter pricing, and other product data manually even though they have access to services that would make the process not only faster, but more accurate.

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Estimating - September, 2013

Using Estimating Data to Help Build a Project Schedule

Through my years as an estimating software instructor, I have frequently been asked,  “can I export my takeoff information into a scheduling program?” The answer is absolutely!

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3D Modeling, BIM, CAD, Operations Management, Project Management, Scanning, Technology - September, 2013

Using a BIM Service Company to Improve Your Bottom Line

BIM is a word or label that has become commonplace in our industry, and the processes and practices that make up BIM are changing the way MEP contractors do business.

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3D Modeling, BIM, CAD, Project Management, Scanning, Technology - September, 2013

Level of Detail and Model Progression Specification

Three-dimensional modeling is becoming more common in today’s construction processes. While models are easy to create, the question which should be asked is; what is the 3D model good for? Is it just a pretty picture or can it actually be fabricated and constructed? Level of Detail (LOD) is what we will explore for this article and how it has helped answer these questions.

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Estimating, Project Management, Takeoffs - June, 2013

Managing Change Orders – A High-level View

Change orders are a part of all projects, and the way in which they are managed can determine the overall profitability on a job. When creating and managing change orders in Trimble® Accubid Enterprise, there are a few key steps that you must follow.

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Technology - June, 2013

Software Implementation – What’s the “Best” Way?

Throughout my years working with software clients, I have been exposed to numerous approaches and mindsets when it comes to estimating projects. Some clients are very exacting and detail oriented – some might say obsessively so. Others are much more fluid and loose –some might argue to the point of recklessness. . Most clients fit somewhere in between these two extremes.

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Estimating, Operations Management, Project Management - May, 2013

Change Order Protocol Part III

Introduction In the last 2 months,  Extensions introduced a change order protocol that I had the opportunity to  draft with the Toronto Trade Association Standard Practice Committee, along with a taskforce made up of electrical, mechanical and sheet metal Contractors, as well as engineers, general contractors and owners/representatives. This protocol is a shift in thinking across these industries and promises to have significant impact going forward.

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