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BIM, CAD, Operations Management, Project Management, Technology - January, 2017

Big Budget Buildings: 10 Construction Projects That Broke the Bank

Over recent years the US AEC sector has grown substantially. Economically, the sector is buoyant and job creation throughout the industry has been high. The construction industry has benefitted from strong policy decisions and science and technology have been high on the political agenda. 

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Technology - June, 2013

Software Implementation – What’s the “Best” Way?

Throughout my years working with software clients, I have been exposed to numerous approaches and mindsets when it comes to estimating projects. Some clients are very exacting and detail oriented – some might say obsessively so. Others are much more fluid and loose –some might argue to the point of recklessness. . Most clients fit somewhere in between these two extremes.

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Estimating, Project Management - May, 2012

Integration to ConstructJob Part I

For every project, job costing starts at the estimate. Using the Integrator utility, you can easily transfer data from your Accubid Estimating program to the ConstructJob project management system. We will walk through this process which involves the following 5 steps:

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