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Wow, if I do this just one time…

Once a project has been awarded, one of the first tasks for the Project Manager is to set up the basic framework or templates for managing any changes that may occur during the project.

Whether you are using Trimble Accubid Classic ChangeOrder or Trimble Accubid Enterprise Change Management just a few preliminary steps can make the management of your Change Estimates (PCO) and Change Orders (CO) easier.


The first step in the ChangeOrder application is to select the Settings menu, then  select from the Project Defaults options; Edit Project Default.

Figure 1 - Accessing the Project Default in ChangeOrder

Once in the Project Default screen establishing a Labor Unit and a Material Pricing Method on the Extension Screen will produce consistent Change Estimates for the project.

Some of the key elements a Project Manager might want to address on the Closeout screens are the Labor Rates or allowable Overhead and Markup values for the project.    If there are any negotiated Unit Prices for the project, considerable time can be saved by entering them into the Project Default on the Unit Prices screen.  The values that are used can be unique for that project.

Figure 2 - Listing of Change Estimates in ChangeOrder


In Change Management there is the added ability to tie any change estimate or PCO to the source documentation commonly reffered to as an “RFP” or Request for Proposal.  Not all PCO’s will need to be linked to a specific RFP so early on, the Project Manager may create a generic or general RFP for reference later.

Figure 3 - Listing of Project RFP’s in Change Management

The Project Manager can also create a PCO Template for use on all project change estimates.  In addition to addressing the items listed above for the ChangeOrder application ofentimes in Change Managment the Base Bid Specifications and Breakdowns would be brought into the PCO Template for use by the Project Manager.  This is accomplished by indicating that the original base bid will be copied without the Takeoffs when creating the PCO Template.

Figure 4 - Selecting an estimate to copy when creating a PCO Template in Change Management

Figure 5 - PCO listing in Change Management

Regardless of the application, the ability to create unique project templates allows the Project Manager to be more productive and consistent by eliminating the need to enter the same information or values repeatedly.

Wow, if I do this just one time I can get more of these Change Estimates done and will be more consistent from one to the next!