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Global Parts and Parts of Parts

In the Trimble Accubid Enterprise Estimating application, components can be generated in several ways.  Each required component could be taken off individually and separately; a process that would be extremely time consuming and could lead to omissions.

Figures 1 and 2
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One of the techniques that can be employed is using what are called Global Parts.  A Global Part is a secondary component that is normally required to complete the installation of the primary item.  For example, conduit (primary item) normally requires a hanger or support (secondary component) of some type.  Likewise, a hanger (primary item) normally requires some type of attachment (secondary component).  Global Parts are associated with a folder and influence any item in that folder or any of its’ child folders and will typically apply to most items within those folders.

Figure 3

The green stripe on a folder indicates the association of Global Parts.  To view the global parts associated with a folder, in Enterprise Manager, select the folder and then click the Global Parts button in the ribbon.

Figures 4
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The Global Parts for the selected folder will be displayed, in this example the Conduits folder.

Figure 5

Referring back to the definition for Global Parts stated above you can see that various supports are listed; these would be the secondary component that is normally required to complete the installation of the primary item, the conduit.  Looking more closely at the Global Parts the strap type would be based on the selection made on the Takeoff Screen in the Estimating module.

Figures 6
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In addition to selecting a hanger type from the drop-down you indicate by the check that you want to include a part (the hanger in this instance) automatically.  Now, when doing a spec-driven takeoff, not only is the conduit quantity calculated but the support for the conduit is calculated as well.

Figure 7

An appropriate attachment of the hanger to the structure can be calculated using what are called Parts of Parts.

Parts of Parts are one or more secondary components that are required to complete the installation of the primary item.  In this example the parts, required for the attachment to the structure, are derived from a “placeholder” item such as an on concrete attachment profile which could be a plastic anchor and screw.  Parts of Parts are directly associated with a specific item and the applicable attributes must be defined when the item is included on a parts tab.

Figure 8

By double-clicking on the On Concrete Profile – Plastic Anchor & Screw the individual parts can be displayed.

Figure 9

As explained in the definition above, each component (item) is assigned an appropriate attribute.

Figure 10

Selecting an appropriate attachment from the attachment drop-down on the Takeoff Screen will now generate, when doing a spec-driven takeoff, items that will be used to attach the hanger to the structure.

Figure 10

In conclusion, in this takeoff both Global Parts and Parts of Parts are used to generate a complete set of components to support the raceway.

Figures 12
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