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Brew and Learn Workshop 2018 Vancouver, BC


We hope you can join us at Big Rock Urban Brewery in Vancouver, B.C. on September 18th for our FREE Trimble Buildings Brew & Learn Workshop!

Hosted by Trimble Buildings experts, you’ll learn about the latest advanced, cutting-edge technologies in the construction industry through interactive discussion and demonstrations. Become familiar with the benefits of 3D laser scanning, field layout technologies, construction estimating, mixed reality, Tekla Structures, and CAD detailing, utilizing SysQue.

11:00AM – 12:00PM Welcome/General Session

12:00PM – 12:30PM Lunch

12:30PM – 3:30PM Workshop

3:30PM – 4:30PM Hands-on Demos & Happy Hour
Big Rock Urban Brewery
310 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1G9, Canada
What to Expect
Field Layout Technologies
Trimble Buildings experts present the latest cutting-edge layout technologies in the construction industry. The latest release of Trimble Field Link for MEP is the definitive construction layout solution for the MEP contractor, no matter your layout instrument:

Do you currently use Trimble layout solutions? If so, come and get refreshed on the use of your layout tool and pick up on some tips and tricks you might not be aware of!

3D Laser Scanning
Learn how 3D laser scanning technologies are being utilized by contractors and engineers in a BIM-driven industry.

  • Create your own 3D models from scan data
  • Collect as-built information
  • Perform visual clash detection with existing conditions
  • Implement QA/QC requirements


Overview of MEP detailing solutions including SysQue
Whether you are new to BIM and don’t know where to start, or have been utilizing BIM processes for years, Trimble has the detailing solutions to help take your BIM practices to the next level.

  • Revit – If you are using Revit for design, then Trimble SysQue is your go-to for all your detailing needs. SysQue provides MEP designers and contractors with a seamless workflow from design to fabrication to construction while providing a high-level of detail within your model.
  • AutoCAD – If you are just getting started with BIM and utilizing AutoCAD then Trimble PipeDesigner and DuctDesigner 3D can help you accelerate your BIM adoption.
  • AutoCAD MEP – If you are utilizing AutoCAD MEP then you can take advantage of design-build workflows between AutoCAD MEP and EC-CAD

Tekla for Constructible Steel
Tekla software supports your construction coordination, quantity and cost estimation and scheduling and sequencing. The constructible building information is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date.

Tekla’s construction design software helps contractors manage risk and plan for a successful construction process. If you detect and avoid problems before construction begins, you minimize expensive delay and rework. Design insight and project predictability from preconstruction to execution deliver more effective planning, coordination, and control.

With Tekla, you can create and combine information-rich models, regardless of the file size or complexity. The software also includes tools for project review and constructability analysis.

Tekla for Constructible Concrete
Estimate, plan and manage concrete pours better with quality information and constructible models purpose-built for the needs of concrete construction. Tekla software allows concrete contractors to reduce their risks, improve productivity and ensure smooth progress on site with the unique information management tools and constructible concrete models the tool can offer.

From preconstruction to on-site management, Tekla offers a complete solution for concrete contractors. With Tekla’s ability to handle pours and manage pour-related information effectively, the software is an essential tool for improving concrete pour planning and management on site.

Mixed Reality
Trimble’s Mixed Reality team provides visionary consumers an opportunity to experience how mixed reality technology can transform the way they work. Our customers in the AEC industry are using the technology to visualize 3D design earlier and more effectively than ever before, rapidly iterate on design ideas in 3D, collaborate with others (both collocated and remote) while immersed in the design, overlay designs on the real world for things such as clash detection and renovation visualization, and use models in the real world as an “instruction guide” for actual production.

Plans changed and can’t make it to the event? We’re happy to set up an appointment at a location of your choice. Contact us today!

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