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The Secret to Electrical Estimating Success: Modernize Your Estimating Process For Greater Efficiency and Time Savings

As an estimator, you're probably used to meeting tight deadlines, adapting to changes and making financially-impactful decisions on the fly. But in today’s fast-paced, evolving construction market, doing things the way you’ve always done them might not be good enough anymore. If you aren’t using the latest technology, you could be at a disadvantage - especially if your competitors are.

Join us for a live educational webinar to learn how you can modernize your electrical estimating process and take advantage of the benefits of advanced estimating technology -- from faster, more accurate estimates to enhanced productivity to improved project outcomes (all of which make you look like a rockstar).

You’ll learn how to leverage advanced estimating functionality to:

  • Substantively change your estimating process for greater speed and accuracy

  • Increase consistency and share data across your team for more efficient workflows

  • Quickly and easily address changes and evaluate alternatives – without re-doing takeoff

  • Facilitate preliminary budget requests and get numbers out the door faster

  • And much more...

We’ll also leave time for a Q&A session, so we can answer your estimating questions. 

We hope you can join us! Register for the free event here.