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Streamline Construction Project Management Save Time and Reduce Errors

Do you know where your job fits into the bigger financial picture?

Your one job is the health and progress of your company’s projects. Successful project management involves many different moving pieces: people, equipment, materials, job costs and progress reports, safety, and the list goes on.

During this session Dave Thomas will show how you can easily:

  1. Get the latest information from the office or out in the field...without duplicate entry or human error

  2. Manage RFIs, submittals, project drawings and documentation, daily logs, project closeout/handover and more—all from one platform

  3. Give your team and field personnel easy-to-use mobile applications

  4. Streamline the construction process by consolidating all of your files, models, and drawings in a secure, cloud-based location

  5. Utilize tracking tools to help simplify change orders and ensure all team members are working seamlessly