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Protect and Grow Your MEP Business with Comprehensive Project Management Tools

Historically, subcontractors haven’t invested in solutions to protect themselves from disputes at the same level as other parties in construction, but times are changing. Unlike a general contractor, your teams are designing, planning, and delivering the work of your trade, but are they also keeping accurate records to defend your business from disputes? 

In this webinar, we will share how a project management solution does more than manage documents – it protects your business. Plus, we’ll introduce Project MEP, a construction management solution from Trimble designed to address drawings, documents, budgets, field productivity, and power MEP-specific workflows.  

Designed to connect MEP teams, Project MEP has the tools to reduce rework, standardize your processes and deliver more profitable projects.  

You'll see how technology can support you in:

  • Connecting your teams,
  • Reducing rework,
  • Standardizing processes, and
  • Delivering more profitable projects.