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[Webinar Recording] From Bid to Buyout and Beyond

From Bid to Buyout and Beyond - Maximizing Estimate and BIM Data to Streamline Pre-Construction Workflows.

If you’re an MEP contractor or distributor struggling with the current market conditions , you won’t want to miss this webinar! With unprecedented pricing volatility and supply chain disruptions challenging the marketplace, there is no better time to look for opportunities to streamline your pre-construction workflow and ensure your projects remain profitable.

Watch to learn about some of the current trends impacting the construction industry. We discuss how to leverage estimating and BIM data for your ordering and procurement workflows, removing friction from your supply chain and establishing a “single source of truth” that will help you derive more value from supply chain partnerships.

What You’ll Learn:

- How a data-rich constructible workflow drives crucial business processes like design, procurement, process tracking and prefab

- How getting out of spreadsheets and into an online application can maximize efficiency through all phases of a project

- How to remove workflow bottlenecks by sharing data across functions and leveraging data from BOMs through procurement

- How technology can help build better supply chain partnerships between contractors and vendors for better outcomes

PRESENTERS: James Reis, Business Area Director - Trimble MEPcontent Melissa Dixon, Product Manager - Trimble MEP

Ready to learn more about how to connect your workflows with constructible data? Watch our video series!

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