[Webinar Recording] Customer Success With SysQue

July 21, 2020

In this webinar, we sit down with three of our SysQue customers from the MEP trades to learn how SysQue has changed the way they detail. Each of our panelists share their experiences with SysQue on a specific project and/or a workflow they feel has benefited their business.

Join host, Trimble’s Doug Elliott, and discover how SysQue brought value to each of our panelists. In the webinar we sit down with:

-20/20 Plumbing and Heating: Ramon Juarez, Revit/SysQue Manager & Michael Derrick, Revit Design Manager

-Renick Brothers Mechanical Contractors: Dominick Florentine, Director of Virtual Design and Construction

-InterStates: Andrew Den Hartog, VDC Sr. Technician, Construction & Josh Vollink, VDC Designer

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