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[Webinar Recording] What's New: SysQue v8.0 Release

We are happy to announce the release of SysQue version 8.0. With this release, SysQue is now compatible with Revit 2021 (along with Revit 2020 and Revit 2019). We are also excited to share many enhancements to our electrical, pipe, duct, and PAC workflows that will improve how SysQue empowers your MEP workflows. Seamlessly model your four-point and three-point saddles for the electrical conduit to offset over, or around an obstacle with our addition of electrical offsets. SysQue version 8.0 features auto reducers, which allow you to specify a change in conduit size, resulting in the conduit reducing body inserted at the point of size change, significantly cutting back the number of mouse clicks. In this latest version of SysQue, additional enhancements and improvements to our pipe, duct, and PAC applications are introduced. SysQue v8.0 offers enhanced workflows for all of our MEP detailing users. In the webinar we'll cover: - Improvements to the Electrical application (Saddles and Auto-reducers) - Improvements to the Pipe application - Improvements to the Duct application - Improvements to PAC workflows - Revit 2021 compatibility