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Top 8 Tips for Successful MEP Estimating & Contract Management

December 4, 2020

Here’s the hard truth: Customers don’t really care about excuses. They want an accurate, transparent, and professional bid as fast as possible. Effective estimating requires a fine balance between hard facts and intuition.

As you combine the inputs of architects, manufacturers, engineers, and your own expertise, you are expected to synthesise a staggering amount of information into a viable, accurate project estimate and bid. This is no small task. Then, once the bid has been won, there is still plenty of room for errors and missed opportunities to creep in and erode profit margins.

Thanks to improved integration strategies, communication channels, and cloud computing, construction teams are overcoming these top estimating and contract management challenges. Trimble's own solution is Metrics MEP, an efficient 2-in-1 takeoff and contract management software that helps users generate estimates and takeoffs faster and more accurate than before. With Metrics MEP you can manage your won jobs so you are sure to always generate profit. You can test Metrics MEP for 60 days completely free.

Visit this link to view how Metrics MEP can help you grow your business.

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Attention all UK MEP Contractors, Installers and Technicians!

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