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3 Simple Ways to Save Over 70% on Your Submittals

March 9, 2018

For busy MEP professionals, few activities meet the definition of "necessary evil" quite as closely as putting together a job submittal package.

If you agree, there's an excellent chance you're an experienced project manager or administrative assistant who's routinely tasked with handling this time-consuming chore. In some firms, the estimator may need to tack job submittals onto an already full plate. And, if your firm is on the smaller side, it could be the sales manager or even the owner who gets to put together the job submittals.

The one common thread in all these cases is the fact that job submittals isn't your only responsibility. You have a lot of other work that needs to be done. But, of course, without high-quality job submittals going out the door like clockwork, each project could quickly fall behind schedule.

Hence the "necessary evil."

Of course, if you're only required to do a few submittals per month, it may not hit you too hard. And, if you've been doing them for a while now, you could have the process down, allowing you to breeze through it pretty fast. (The average we've found industry-wide is about 5-7 hours per submittal when they're done well.)

But, if your firm is consistently handling three or more jobs each month, you're probably sending out twice that many submittals or more. Even a relatively small firm could be spending untold hours compiling, printing, shipping, and editing job submittal packets.

That's a lot of time.  And — as always — time is money.

So, if you were to learn how to save over 70% of that time (and money) by making just three simple improvements to your job submittal process, is there any reason you wouldn't be interested?

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