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Trimble Introduces New Model-Based Digital Workflows That Increase Productivity, Efficiency, and Performance for MEP Contractors

Direct integrations between Trimble SysQue and additional technologies connect teams, processes, and information across a project’s lifecycle for improved project execution. 


Trimble announced today new capabilities within its VDC Pro+ solution that enable MEP contractors to efficiently and accurately leverage their Building Information Model (BIM) for procurement, prefabrication, and estimation. Powered by direct integrations between Trimble® SysQue® detailing software and Supplier Xchange™ pricing and procurement service, Connect2Fab, and Estimation® MEP estimating software, these new digital workflows free data from BIM with the click of a button to be used by various project stakeholders in the way they need, at the time they need it. The result is increased productivity and collaboration, reduced re-work and non-recoverable costs, eliminated redundancy, and improved project quality.


Model-Based Procurement

Traditionally handled via manual, offline methods, the procurement workflow often results in waste and friction in contractor supply chain operations. A new direct integration between SysQue and Trimble’s Supplier Xchange pricing and procurement service seeks to digitize this inefficient process and handoff. The designer/detailer can create a bill of materials from their detailed model and send it directly to the Supplier Xchange web-based platform where the procurement manager can use this same bill of materials to submit quotes and purchase orders digitally to their local supplier/distributor. This digital workflow minimizes ordering waste, helps control spend, and improves coordination with the shop. What was once a time-consuming and error-prone handoff off a bill of materials is dramatically accelerated with no loss of detail or accuracy.  


Model-Based Prefabrication

A direct integration between SysQue and Connect2Fab, an application within Trimble Connect, eliminates prefabrication workflows that were formerly cumbersome, inefficient, and siloed. Now project stakeholders can get model access and spooling and modification capabilities without the need for access and training in CAD software. By providing the model information needed to make prefabrication decisions downstream from the VDC design/detailing department, Connect2Fab empowers users in the field, shop, and beyond to make data-driven decisions in a real-world environment with a confidence and precision that increases their bottom line.


Model-Based Estimating

An integration between SysQue and Estimation MEP facilitates a model-based estimating workflow that improves MEP collaboration and project execution. Once a model is completed in SysQue, the model information is sent to Trimble Estimation MEP with the click of a button. A populated estimate with the selected details is then automatically created in Estimation MEP complete with a list of materials that contain a description, size, price, and labor hours from Trimble’s industry-leading MEPcontent database. 


In all, the new digitized workflows enabled by Trimble’s VDC Pro+ solution allow for the seamless transfer of information from one phase of a project to the next, allowing MEP contractors to take on more projects with better productivity and increased margins beyond what could be achieved in any other way.



SysQue, Supplier Xchange, Connect2Fab, and Estimation MEP are all now available as a part of Trimble’s VDC Pro+ subscription. For more information, visit:


VDC Pro+ is available as part of Trimble Construction One™, a connected, cloud-based construction management platform that drives speed, efficiency and accuracy at each phase of the construction project lifecycle. Using Trimble Construction One, contractors can leverage a purpose-built connected construction management platform that reveals the right information at the right time so organizations can make the right decisions.