Trimble MEP eCommerce Content Datasheet for Distributors

May 27, 2021

Rich Content to Power Your Storefront, Mobile, and Enterprise Applications

It is not news that traditional distributors are facing competitive threats from online services like Amazon, catalog distributors like Grainger, and even large national chains that have the resources to develop their own eCommerce initiatives.

Distributors are not willing to cede business when their hard earned customers choose to purchase some of their supplies and materials online. We know that online sales are never going to replace the traditional distributor and the myriad value-added services they provide, but when customers want to buy even a small percentage of their goods online, you need to be able to offer them, a great option.

Unfortunately, acquiring the rich, relevant product content you need to power your eCommerce solutions can be a very heavy lift. You either face a difficult and expensive in-house project, or settle for content that will not create the compelling environment your online savvy customers expect.

Fortunately, Trade Service has the answer you need. Rich, compelling eCommerce content that is easy to integrate with almost any eCommerce, PIM, mobile, enterprise, or web storefront application, and very importantly, quite affordable due to the leveraged model we employ to build the content.

Content Pilot Project – Don’t take our word for it. Let us prove it. Just send us a list of 25 items including the Vendor Name, Vendor Part Number, and Description, and we will build the enriched content according to our proven specification. You will be able to see for yourselves the difference compelling content can make, and be able to test our content in your applications of choice.

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