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Supplier Xchange Datasheet for Contractors

Supplier Xchange is an unrivaled digital pricing and procurement service that helps improve productivity and profitability by automating price and purchase order requests with your suppliers.

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Supplier Xchange is a digital pricing and procurement service powered by local distributor connections and shared item-level project data. Electronically submit a list of items and obtain company-specific pricing from multiple suppliers in real time, saving rework, reducing errors and speeding up the bid and buy process.

Supplier Xchange is a free tool integrated with Trimble software subscriptions, including Accubid Classic, Accubid Anywhere, VDC Pro+ and TRA-SER. Together, they vastly improve your bid accuracy and cost management.

Get in touch with your account manager or a sales representative at to learn more about getting started with Supplier Xchange and one or more of our software integrations.